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From a very early age it was noticeable that the in Rio de Janeiro born pianist was a child prodigy. Her musical talent was discovered early on and was fostered by Arnaldo Estrella who himself was a student of Alfred Cortot and Yves Nat.

At the age of three she started composing before she could even read or write notes. By the time she was seven her compositions had resulted in two piano methods. In addition to this she played her first recital at the age of five and made her first TV appearance a year later in which she played Haydn's Piano Concerto in D major with the Orquestra Sinfonica Nacional. Just a year later she played Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major (K. 488), once again with the National Symphony Orchestra. From that moment on she won prizes at numerous regional and national competitions, going on to win the special prize and the Gina Bachauer prize at the Van Cliburn Competition in the USA when she was just 18.

After this she moved to Belgium to study with Jacques Detiège who was a student of Leon Fleischer and Maria Curcio. He was also good friends with pianist Alexis Weissenberg. Later on she won first place at many national competitions, such as the Emmanuel Durlet Competition, the Cantabile, the Tenuto, etc... going on to be fifth at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1983.

From then on the award-winning Rodrigues was soon playing in venues like the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Berliner Schauspielhaus, Paris, Hamburg and the Leipzigs Gewandhaus. For over 20 years, she has been invited to De Doelen in Rotterdam to perform a Chopin recital on Boxing Day.
1998 was an important year for Rodrigues: she became the key figure in the annual Swiss Música Romântica festival, at which she not only perform solo, but conduct at, and compose for as well. Furthermore she has also played at open air festivals in Russia and Belgium for more than 20,000 people.

Next to performing on stage she is also professor at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp.

She recorded over 25 CDs of both live concerts and studio albums, amongst them Sergey Prokofiev's five piano concertos and all eight of Beethoven's piano concertos in St. Petersburg.

Most recent is her collaboration with Parma Recordings which resulted in her newest album "The Gershwin and Bernstein Connection",  American chamber music performed with Carlo Willems and Koen Wilmaers on percussion and Nina Smeets on piano. This is now her fourth album with Parma, available on Naxos, iTunes, Amazon and Spotify, along with the 3 others (a Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy album). Eliane has just finished recording her 5th album with Parma which will debut early 2020, featuring Bach and Beethoven.

"This album hit the nail right on the head. Each pianist knows they represent an entire orchestra and Eliane and Nina brilliantly succeed in producing all those different colors. Carlo and Koen hold the reins tightly and beat the drums to their heart's content. Sparks of joy are flying all around!" Thomas Vanderveken - Belgian presenter (The Gershwin and Bernstein connection)

"She exudes a bright, pure light. Her delicate appearance hides a mysterious power that only master concert pianists possess. When Rodrigues takes on an opus with her familiar liveliness, the listener forgets all the technical aspects. All the listener hears is a dragonfly that flits through eternally blue skies."
Frans Verleyen - Knack Magazine

"I am speechless. Such intensity, so much refined dialectic skill with thesis-antithesis-synthesis, such a fine misting of benevolent notes, colours with an unknown depth... your unique subtlety in expressing an existential drama - for me, it is a dark, cloudy sky after a rainstorm, through which the sun is trying to break. I have the utmost respect for who you are, what you do, how you do it, and how absolutely beautiful and incredibly meticulous and precise it is."
Bart Stouten - VRT (Beethoven 4CD)

"In each of the Nocturnes she plunges into their collective heart traversing their boundless emotional range with an aristocratic imperiousness that sets her interpretations apart from almost anyone else's."
Raoul de Gama, World Music Report  Senior Writer (Chopin - Notturno)

"Eliane Rodrigues plays Claude Debussy the way Debussy would have loved to be played. "Pour le Piano" could not be better interpreted than by Miss Rodrigues. It is a commanding performance - as it ought to be in the dazzling arpeggios and liquid runs of the "Prelude" and as lithe and well-mannered as fairies hop-scotching on both the "Sarabande" and the Toccata".
A disc to die for..."

Raul da Gama - WMR Senior Writer - (Debussy - Reflets)