Chopin em Roterdão - 26 dezembro 2006

Despite what we read in a Flemish quality newspaper (?), i.e. that there is no (young) public for classical music in either Flanders or the Netherlands, the hall of 650 places was sold out weeks in advance. Klassiek Centraal was there and listened.

In every respect we find that Rodrigues exhibited a freedom of interpretation which only the best may and can permit themselves. She may and can... We heard a female Chopin, aristocratically interpreted, where from time to time the necessary male vigour was not absent.

The sonata 3 opus 58 let a Chopin be heard who turned all moods into cheerfulness and excitement. Is there a poignant longing full of hope and desire for (un)fulfilled love, the nostalgia for his homeland? Is it about love of or for someone who does not match what the artist in his dream world sees as an ideal image before his eyes? The many emotions reach an apotheosis in a bold, dominating, demanding and decisive final part where male anger and indignation gets the upper hand alongside the tossing off of frustrations.

Eliane played the brief piece with the long title Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante just as the title prescribes: brilliantly.
In "Frühling", a Chopin Lied in a piano arrangement by Liszt and with an extra from the musician of the evening herself, was glorious. The picture of Rodrigues lightens up somewhat, as she sees a little bird flap about in the work and gradually disappear entirely into the distant clouds. What an inspiration, hearing the way Rodrigues articulates and converts into musical language in a way that few others are capable of.

Then Eliane did it again: she played two encore numbers composed by her, one of which for the left hand and one dedicated to her oldest son. As he dribbled a football back and forth she realised she had to immortalise that movement in a piano piece where the fingers imitate the playing of the dribbler. A pretty little piece exuding a mother's thankfulness. Very beautiful.

As is this lady, through and through a woman in every facet, with a big heart for everyone and an ability to express all these feelings in her interpretations of the grand masters and her own compositions.

Ludwig van Mechelen centraal