Antwerp Elzenveld Chapel 14 December 2008

Eliane Rodrigues becomes Chopin or vice versa
In Chopin's opus 22 - Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise brillante, which opened the concert, we heard Rodrigues bring the Polish piano genius to life. Through a dreamy image, the Master dazzlingly awakens to life. Fantastic. In his opus 23 - Ballade No. 1 in G minor, we once more heard a musician who wants to express all sorts of tensions and frustrations, who actually screams it out and yet restricts himself somewhere. Eliane Rodrigues led the listeners through the Ballade No. 2, the Polonaise in F sharp and the Ballade No. 3 in A-flat major with a very outspoken design that is all her own, on to the magnificent Polonaise in A-flat major (Heroic Polonaise). In any case, this polonaise was both fragile and extremely majestic in her hands.

More than enough reason to beg for an encore. Rodrigues touched the core of everyone's heart. She exposed her soul once more in playing such a lovely Chopin piece and performing it with gratitude. Gratitude not only for the composer, but expressly addressed to nurses and other health care workers, such as emergency medical technicians who had to take care of her for a short period after a back spasm. Before the concert began, she witnessed the dismay of these people when someone in the nearby clinic passed away, despite their best efforts. The depth of sensitivity that Eliane Rodrigues characteristically puts into everything she does brought a tear to the eye of many who heard that heavenly encore.

Ludwig van Mechelen 16-12-2008