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Listen to Eliane Rodrigues BEETHOVEN 8 CONCERTI Trailer van PARMA Recordings #np op #SoundCloud

NOTTURNO, the new Chopin CD from Eliane, published by Navona Records, USA, received an excellent review. Look on:

On December, her Beethoven Box 09 028 4 CD was released by Navona Records.
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ELIANE RODRIGUES in a short film!
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Concert Agenda

Beethoven Piano concerto 4 - Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition 1983

Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 - Queen Elisabeth of Belgium International Music Competition 1983

“But it wasn’t until Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 that Rodrigues let us feel what is to be understood by a perfect interpretation. The clarity of her note imagery, the distinction in the musical recitative and the attention to the smallest details are things of which this artist can certainly be proud. She turned the andante into buoyant music that enveloped the listeners like a silken cloud. Then a rondo of such brilliantly scintillating sounds followed, expressing an uncontrollable, reckless joie de vivre.

This was Beethoven, alive, in all his depth and all his glory.”
JdT - De Standaard, 26 May 1983


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