Repertoire Piano concerti

Eliane Rodrigues
 XX: nog niet uitgevoerd X = Kadenza Eliane Rodrigues
2011AHDAB Mona A No. 1 "Rena
1736BACH Johann SebastianXXin c BWV 1060
1736BACH Johann Sebastian in d BWV 1052
1949BERNSTEIN Leonard Symphony No. 2 "The Age of Anxiety"
1956BERNSTEIN Leonard Overture to Candide
1957BERNSTEIN Leonard Symphonic Dances from "West Side Story"
1878BRAHMS Johannes 2 in Bb Op. 83
1854BRAHMS Johannes No. 1 in d Op. 15
1945BRITTEN Benjamin in D
1828CHOPIN Fryderyck Gro
1830CHOPIN Fryderyck No. 1 Op. 11
1829CHOPIN Fryderyck No. 2 Op. 21
1915DE FALLA Manuel Nuits dans les jardins d'Espagne
1951GERHARD Roberto Piano and Strings
1924GERSHWIN George Rhapsody in Blue
1925GERSHWIN George Concerto in F
1930GERSHWIN George I got rhythm
1869GRIEG Edvard No. 1 Op. 16
1771HAYDN Franz Joseph in D 0p. 21 Hob XVIII: 11
1840LISZT Franz Malediction
1849LISZT Franz No. 1 in Db
1860LISZT Franz Ungarische Fantaisie
2008LOTICHIUS Erik No. 2
1837MENDELSSOHN Felix Violin and Piano in d
1773MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 5 in D, KV 175
1776MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 8 in C, KV 246
1777MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 9 in Bb, KV 271 "Jeunehomme"
1782MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 12 in A, KV 414
1783MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 13 in C, KV 415
1784MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 14 in Eb, KV 449
1784MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 17 in G, KV 453
1785MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 20 in d, KV 466
1785MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 21 in C, KV 467
1786MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 23 in A, KV 488
1786MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 24 in c, KV 491
1788MOZART Wolfgang AmadeusXNo. 26 in D, KV 537 "Coronation"
1791MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus No. 27 in Bb, KV 595
1782MOZART Wolfgang Amadeus Rondo in D, KV 382
1932POULENC Francis for 2 piano's and orchestra in D minor
1912PROKOFIEV Sergei No. 1in Db Op. 10
1912PROKOFIEV Sergei No. 2 in G Op. 16
1921PROKOFIEV Sergei No. 3 in C Op. 26
1931PROKOFIEV Sergei No. 4 in Bb Op. 53
1932PROKOFIEV Sergei No. 5 in G Op. 55
1891RACHMANINOFF Sergei No. 1 in f Op. 1
1901RACHMANINOFF Sergei No. 2 in c Op. 18
1909RACHMANINOFF Sergei No. 3 in d Op. 30
1934RACHMANINOFF Sergei Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini
1931RAVEL Maurice in G
1931RAVEL Maurice Main gauche
2000RODRIGUES Eliane No. 1 in C
1886SAINT-SAËNS Camille Le Carnaval des animaux
1868SAINT-SAËNS Camille No. 2 in g Op. 22
1884SAINT-SAËNS CamilleXXRhapsodie d'Auvergne Op. 73
1845SCHUMANN Robert Concertst
1845SCHUMANN Robert No. 1 Op. 54
1933SHOSTAKOVITSJ Dmitri No. 1 in c Op. 35
1885STRAUSS Richard Burleske
1875TCHAIKOVSKY Peter Ilych No. 1 Op. 23
1804van BEETHOVEN Ludwig in C, Op. 56 "Triple concerto"
1811van BEETHOVEN Ludwig Fantasy in c for Piano, Chorus and Orchestra Op. 80
1807van BEETHOVEN Ludwig in D, Op. 61a ("violin")
1795van BEETHOVEN Ludwig No. 2 Op. 19
1800van BEETHOVEN LudwigXNo. 3 Op. 37
1805van BEETHOVEN Ludwig No. 4 Op. 58
1809van BEETHOVEN Ludwig No. 5 Op. 73
1801van BEETHOVEN LudwigXNo.1 Op. 15
1824van BEETHOVEN Ludwig The ruins of Athens
1938VILLA LOBOS Heitor Bachianas Brasileiras No. 3