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Masterpieces from Russia

Dmitri Shostakovich - piano and trumpet concerto in C flat minor Op. 35

The piece in four movements for solo trumpet and solo piano, which started gently with the strings, went on to develop considerable momentum. The concerto highlights the superb qualities of both soloists, trumpeter Mikhail Druzhinin and pianist Eliane Rodrigues. Mr Druzhinin played with verve and widely variable, expressive vocabulary. Mrs Rodrigues played the masterpiece, which is extremely demanding in terms of rhythm, on her Fazioli grand piano with stupendous technique and considerable flexibility, working the keys powerfully, deliberately shaping the music with dynamism and mastery, including the transitions.

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From Beethoven’s treasures
There is no doubt that the guests and the local population of the Saas Valley must be very keen to attend Música Romântica, a festival of international renown, in large numbers. It was noted this year that significantly more commitment and personal efforts are also expected from personalities in the cultural world.

The St. Petersburg Philharmonic, led by conductor Walter Proost with his strong temperament, very extensive body language and a very clear and masterful work vision, and brilliantly organised by concertmaster Chingiz Osmanov, was able to communicate the dramatic force of this music with extreme precision and considerable dynamic variation. The Orchestra also offered the Fifth Symphony, full of power, flexibility, transparency, precision, focus and internal emotion, as well as wonderful dynamic awareness, to the audience.

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