Some reponses of festival-goers

I’m already addicted to romantic music in any case, but so high in the Saas-Fee mountains, the music sounds even more romantic than elsewhere. Frie Bove, festival-goer

I have the impression that the programming of the music at Música Romântica has become lighter and more accessible than in the first few years, and I can only applaud this.

Karel Nijs, VRT producer and past/future presenter of Música Romântica

Glad we’re here again. That said, I'm missing a number of people who always used to be here, who were members of the festival’s official fan club, and who can’t be present due to health problems. We are sending all the wonderful concerts their way in our thoughts too.

Marita Pomierski, festival-goer

My goodness, that was beautiful. I will come back on Sunday.

Mr Bodier, FerienArt hotel employee who came to listen to Música Romântica for the first time on Friday

We are constantly fine-tuning every aspect of the Música Romântica formula. For example, together with my colleague Guido, I am currently experimenting with a variety of cameras in the church, which we can operate remotely. Afterwards, we incorporate all those camera angles into the final cut of the festival. We hope to be able to present the diversity in the music visually as well by doing it this way.

Georg Antes, sound engineer

The St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra is here for the first time, but I hope that it won’t be the last time. For some members of the orchestra, this orchestra is  number 3 in St. Petersburg, but for me, they are the top. Not only are they highly flexible and deliver, just like Eliane Rodrigues, a gigantic performance, their sound is unique too - doubtlessly because the orchestra consists of a great many young musicians, with a large number of women among the members.

Anne-Marie Segers, festival-goer

That Concerto for violin, piano and strings by Felix Mendelssohn never really struck me before, but after tonight I will never forget it again. The signature of violinist Liviu Prunaru is really new and unique. It is only the second concert of this Música Romântica edition, but I think it can already be called one of the high points in this series. Because Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Piano Concerto no. 3, with a white-suited Werner Bärtschi at the piano (looking like a cross between a Rien Poortvliet gnome and a reincarnation of Brahms) and with Eliane Rodrigues as a flamboyant conductor, was also an emotional high point.
Herman Stinders from Bruges, festival-goer

One way to promote Música Romântica even more in the local circuit might be to make entry to an evening, the opening concert or the closing concert for example, free of charge for everyone.

Wim Goossens, festival-goer