Poetic biography

Eliane Rodrigues is a colourful dragonfly from the far South. With her wings, she makes music that glitters like the Brazilian sun above Rio de Janeiro - the city of herbirth. But she does not just shine, she also glows, she gives briljant and pure light. In her frail frame hides they mysterious force that only great concert pianists have. The hidden strength of artistic loneliness and vulnerability about which few know anything at all.

To want to "discover" Eliane Rodrigues is thus an intriguing task. Her piano playing, surging forth from a spring of an astonishingly wide repertoire, has many characteristics simultaneously: it conveys the tropical heat but also the clear coolness, melodic narrative art alongside a decided staccato, virtuoso suppleness within stringent faithfulness to the score, frail fingertips that seem suddenly capable of magical violence.

Rodrigues leads us both to passion and to the mathematics and the clear architecture of beauty. Indeed, her story comprises the mythology of our time, to the north, the south and to love, unrest, birth and death, the sounds from the beyond where the composers interpreted by her dwell.

Under all these enrapturing qualities that we intuitively ascribe to Rodrigues and that we applaud must be a hard core: the stubborn will to achieve esthetic communication, the stuff of which dreams are made, the brutal labour from which all that is truly sublime is born, the artistic secret. In the concert hall, a piano solist is always romantically beautiful; there are flowers near her, heaven is close by. The listeners and the spectators are caught up for hours in ecstasy. Not always do they realize that behind such a musical presentation are hidden vast dedication, intelligence, and intellectual exertion.

However, with Eliane Rodrigues, that problem does not even seem to arise at all. She radiates nothing other than effortlessness as she plays the technically or emotionally most complex pieces. When Rodrigues takes up an opus with her famous liveliness, the listener forgets all these technical elements. What he hears is the dragonfly hovering free through the eternal blue of the sky.

Frans Verleyen 
Knack Magazine