Kurt Van Eeghem

Música Romântica 2013 was a festival in the true sense of the word. There were surprises, concerts that you would ne-ver experience anywhere else, and there was an atmosphere that invited those present to fraternise with the musicians and the audience.

1. There were surprises
Let me first cite two successful examples from the same concert.
Lipkind and Eliane in Piazolla’s Grand Tango, and mother and daughter Eliane and Nina in Darius Milhaud’s Scaramouche.
This is both an engaging and interesting interpretation.
Lipkind and Eliane play with incredible skill; there is an unforgettable tension and Piazolla was the perfect choice to showcase their expertise.

The Scaramouche suite is an immensely appealing combination through which Eliane introduces her daughter to the audience in an endearing manner. They play together, concentrating on this piece that is difficult but at their level; Nina gloriously excels besides her mother. The audience delights in the union.

2. Concerts you would never experience elsewhere
The combination of the “Chœur en Herbe” and the Lithuanian Symphony Orchestra was a match made in heaven. The local choir made a tremendous effort to master this difficult score and achieved a level that was more than sa-tisfactory.

3. A sociable festival
Before and after the concerts, even during walks through the mountains, on the terraces and at the receptions, you feel an increasing familiarity that is inherent to a successful festival. People speak to me about the concerts and want to share their experiences, which are almost exclusively positive.

Kurt Van Eeghem