Eliane in Rio de Janeiro - April 2009

Dear Luis Paulo,

As I write I am still under the spell of Eliane Rodrigues' recital of the day before yesterday. It was absolutely extraordinary. Nothing like it has been heard in Brazil for years. This young woman's musicality, sometimes even with a personal vision of some works, transcends anything that I could say.

She is undoubtedly (and by far) the great Brazilian pianist. I assert this with great confidence and peace. I did not know of her (I was living in Europe while she was studying with Estrella). I only heard it said that she was actually a musical prodigy in Cocarelli's time (she furthermore won first place in a competition in the hall in which Cocarelli took second place).

My mother never reconciled herself to having never again invited her to Brazil. In her honour I invited her this year to our Pianissimo series. I knew that she was very good because Estrella constantly said that she was by far the greatest talent that passed through his hands (and he had countless.)

Luis Paulo, I have spent my life listening to and being around the greatest pianists in the world. I know a great deal about "piano"; (sorry for the lack of modesty but at this point in life I am entitled to make affirmations) Eliane Rodrigues, in the Hall the day before yesterday, was a revelation that left the audience that packed the Hall in ecstasy. And that with one of the harder programmes. I found out from friends of A. Brendel that, on hearing the 111 by Eliane, he was stunned and inspired. He could not comprehend that a young Brazilian woman could give such a fantastic rendition of this pianistic monument.

Eliane Rodrigues is on the same level as an Alicia, Maria Joao, Guiomar Novais. I hate comparisons because above all everyone has their own personality.

We have to fight for her to have the place that her talent deserves. I have no personal interest unless it is a question of fairness and out of the pride that I have as a Brazilian in knowing that this country produced an artist of this calibre.

I feel that I have a duty, out of my love of music, to do the impossible so that Eliane Rodrigues occupies the place in Brazil that she deserves. I will not spare any effort in this respect.
I strongly advise that you do not fail to hear her at the first opportunity that arises.

Eliane has 65 concertos in her repertoire. Her Beethoven No. 4 is recognised as anthological. I advise thinking seriously about her for next year.

With best wishes
Myrian Dauelsberg
Dell'Arte Soluções Culturais
Rio de Janeiro