Dr. Edna Gam

Since the first time I attended the concert series "Música  Romântica", I make sure to arrive annually in Saas–Fee, both for the concerts and the rehearsals that are open to the public.

In Israel, where I live, I have a subscription to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra  (IPO) ever since I was eight years old. I have had the privilege to attend numerous concerts throughout my life and I must note that "Música  Romântica" is very special and entertaining. I had the opportunity to listen to pieces that I have not had the chance to listen to during the decades of my subscription to the IPO.

Eliane arranges exceptional repertoires, brings high profile artists and plays complex piano works such as Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto, which many pianists, even the most experienced ones, do not dare to perform.

The open rehearsals are also a unique experience that allows one to get acquainted with a piece which enhances the enjoyment of the concert experience itself. They allow those, untrained in listening to classical music, to befriend and enjoy the concert.

Furthermore, the venue of the concerts, Saas-Fee Church, enhances the experience of sounds and energies of the performed works.
I am already looking forward to next year's concerts.

Dr. Edna Gam Ph.D (Saas-Fée/Tel-Aviv)