Concerti - Beethoven Box Stylin'Art 09 028 4CD

Stylin'Art 09 028 4CD

In the complete recording of Beethoven's eight piano concertos, it is above all Eliane Rodrigues' spontaneity that makes her interpretations so special.

Tucked away in a little corner of the internet you will find a video of a Belgian TV show from 1983 announcing one of the prizewinners of the Queen Elisabeth Competition. Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 appears on the programme, and Eliane Rodriques - the prizewinner in question - sits timidly, almost apologetically, at the piano and plays the first few notes. Yet despite all the timidity and restraint of the then 24-year-old Brazilian pianist, whose approach to the first few bars is too delicate, too lyrical, one is quickly struck by her talent, her musical intelligence and in particular her depth of emotion - always intuitive and spontaneous and never elaborate.

More than 30 years later, Eliane Rodrigues, in the meantime a professor at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and a well-travelled soloist, can be heard performing Piano Concerto No. 4 once again. The opening is decidedly more energetic this time; her intuition, though, remains unchanged. Yet however audibly her intellect infuses the scores of the Beethoven concertos, brought together in this CD box, it is primarily her spontaneity and her love of the moment and all things that cannot be foreseen which make her recording so distinctive. Eliane Rodrigues has found her crucial counterpart in the Saint Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Walter Proost, which brings out the smallest details of the score. By tracing the core of the works in a controlled manner, the Russian orchestra lays the foundations on which Eliane Rodrigues can express her freedoms to the full. Historically informed faithfulness to the original at all costs is something this orchestra and soloist prefer to leave to other musicians - the point here is to fully enjoy the beauty of Beethoven's works.

Concerti - Maximilian Theiss - 25. April 2017 (