Beethoven Box 4CD - Stylin'art 09 0284CD

Darren Rea - Review Graveyard U.K.

This is not only a wonderful collection of Beethoven's work from his early and middle periods, but it's also an incredibly well produced album. Rodrigues's ability to be part of the orchestra, then take centre stage before melting back into the orchestra once again, really makes for a magical listening experience.
The subtlety of the playing is not to be overlooked here - and that's nog just on Rodrigues's part. While it's obvious that she knows these pieces intimately (or has come to know them inside out for this recordings) the orchestra also seem to feel every ounce of emotion and feeling that Beethoven poured into the compositions. And this comes through loud and clear in the performance.

This collection is split over 4 discs and includes 24 tracks (4 hr., 41 min, 28 sec). Even those that already own these works will find much to enjoy and appreciate with these new recordings. This isn't just an album - it's a beautiful work of art.